Swim Week Miami 2016- Part 1 at the Delano Hotel

Sunday, July 19, 2015

by Christine Michaels

Miami Fashion Swim Week 2016

For those who know me, my favorite time of year is Swim Week Miami where new swim wear lines are unveiled for the following year.  It happens in July and it's an event that is held for several days at various South Beach hotel venues. 

The first event I attended was Friday night. The Wildfox line was presented at the chic and well- known Delano hotel (pronounced Délano with accent over the "e" name after Franklin Delano Roosevelt). With its elongated pool, giant pool balls, and glowing white blocks, the Delano is always the perfect setting for any function. 

Miami Swim Week 2016 Delano Hotel
Clear beach balls and white glowing blocks in Delano pool

Our first encounter was a live mermaid. Great presentation. Wait a minute--that's my job! #iamamermaid


First, what to wear.  Luckily for me, I found a dress at the last minute that had all the elements I desired! A dress that resembled a bathing suit in style and pattern. The top bralette and straps resembled a bikini top, the dress was form fitting like a body suit, the cutout black mesh waist, and the black and yellow pattern said "evening event in sunshine state".

Wildfox swimwear couture Delano Hotel
Christine Michaels arrives at the Delano Hotel for Wildfox swimwear show

I purchased my first Wildfox swim accessory, a cover up, last year at a trunk show. I wore it this past Saturday for a pool party at Swim Week. Stay tuned for photos.

Wildfox is known for its fun, flirtatious and dreamylike style that tell a story.  Co-created by two women, Wildfox is now helmed by  CEO Jimmy Sommers, a musician and based in Los Angeles. Wildfox offers tops, bottom and skirts and their White Label collection offers a range of luxury soft sweater knits, laces, chiffon, velour, and sequins.

Love the sunglasses

This was my favorite that I would wear

Of course another favorite was the cat bathing suit. Wildfox is known for their nod to the feline world. This is not their first bathing suit with face of a cat. While I'm a proud cat lady, my body type is not the best fit for this bathing suit.  But I still love it!

After the show it was mingle and playtime. So naturally I stepped into the pool with my heels on (the water is only few inches deep at this end) to play with the giant clear blue beach balls. And while the ocean breeze kept us from melting, it sure was inconvenient for photo opps. Life is never perfect.

Christine with Delano Hotel beach balls in background
This is not a pose. Ocean breeze was blowing hair in my face.

Swim Week 2016 Wildfox Delano Hotel
Christine grabs blue pool ball. Who wants to play ball?

Swim Week 2016 Wildfox Delano Hotel
Love these beach balls. Reminds me of my childhood.

Swim Week 2016 Wildfox Delano Hotel
Brushing away the hair blown in my face by the uncooperative ocean breeze.
After playing with the balls (I'm forever young), it was time to mingle and network.
And the mingling begins

Miami Swim Week 2016 Wildfox Delano Hotel

Great event and beautiful people!
(Unfortunately the photo came out blurry)
Stay tuned for Part 2!

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