Grand Opening The Sugar Factory--South Beach

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Christine Michaels and James Cubby
Grand Opening of the Sugar Factory

Last night was the Grand Opening of the Sugar Factory restaurant and bar at the Victor Hotel in South Beach style-- think Willy Wonka-ettes meet the Kardashian sisters. This was a celebrity studded event replete with red carpet appearances, including yours truly, cordoned sections that created a maze in this tiny historic Art Deco hotel, and of course throngs of screaming teenage girls to see Kylie Jenner, daughter of Bruce- now- Caitlyn Jenner.

The main event was held on the third floor pool deck of the hotel with a section for VIP guests and media for the red carpet pose. A few lucky fans were permitted to wait outside the VIP seating area.

James Cubby, candy model, Christine Michaels on the red carpet

Christine Michaels enjoying the shade while the sun sets
(VIP section, pool deck, ocean in background)

Our next stop was the restaurant downstairs to sample one of the many novelty sweets. This too was only permitted to a select few as the building was surrounded by hundreds of Kylie fans. Many camped out the day before to secure best viewing spot. Once James and I crossed the pearly iron gate, we absorbed the brightly colored shelves of the candy store to the right and then proceeded straight to the contrasting but chic black and white decorated restaurant tables.

Fans at the entrance to restaurant from inside the hotel

Candy section adorned with shelves of Candy and photos of the Kardashian sisters

As the name denotes, the Sugar Factory offers sweets galore in the form of candy, desserts and cocktails. The yellow rubber duck with orange beak is the logo and mascot.


With a dizzying array of rainbow candies and pastel confectionaries, a multipage bar and restaurant menu, here's what you need to know are the hot items.  The signature sweets are the goblet cocktails, "couture pops" and sundaes.

It matches my nail polish! I like it already.

Oversized fishbowl-like glasses with brightly colored cocktails emanating nitrogen smoke are the initial attraction displayed outdoors, the fishing lines to reel you into staying.  Prices start at $29.

Once inside the bright-lit foyer/candy store, the bedazzled shelves and candy are an even greater allure. The popular "couture pops" are touted by many celebrities including Katy Perry, Britney Spears and Rihanna. The faux diamond encrusted stem and tail are not only eye catching but at $26 each, it's actually the least expensive of the three signature sweet offerings.

Couture Pop with reusable sucker saver and bedazzled stem

The biggest head turner of desserts and the most expensive is the King Kong sundae. 24 scoops of ice cream, two cupcakes, two bananas and gummy bears at the whopping price of $99.

My favorite was a proper portion sized martini--that had my name all over it plus it matched my dress.  The Blueberry Bikini Martini. (#iliveinabikini).

Instead of gummy bear, a blue gummy shark garnishes the drink

The Sugar Factory also has an expansive menu from pasta, to steaks to breakfast food.  Other guests ordered waffles and french toast that the passing aroma left me salivating.  I will definitely be returning for breakfast food, anytime!

At this point Kylie Jenner and her entourage were ushered in for photo opps at the candy section and finally to sit for a sizzling sundae in the main dining room.   To view photos of  Kylie and learn more about celebrities' fascination with couture pop, visit my personal blog.

Be sure to visit the Sugar Factory on your next visit to Ocean Drive on South Beach.

The Sugar Factory
1144 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL  33139

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