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Welcome to our blog focusing on fabulous and other events in Miami and throughout Florida. We are a handful of volunteers that have a passion for our state, home city and pets.  Moreso our love for pets and concern for the growing number of homeless pets in Miami Dade is the impetus for our business model. All proceeds benefit a local nonprofit for homeless pets.  


1. Our fees are very reasonable. MFF is small but we have a targeted/niche audience. Depending on the size of your event or organization, the listing fee can be as low $20. 

2. 100% of proceeds go to Pawsitively Humane, a local 501c3 to help abandoned, injured pets and community cats. You will be given a link to donate directly to the non-profit. 

3. This website is not super fancy or technical, but it gets the job done for our nonprofit purpose. The blog uses a Blog template so no matter which tab or link the users clicks, your banner will always be on every page. One of the benefits of advertising on My Fabulous Florida is that we limit the number of banner ads. You will never see more ads than what is currently featured.

To learn about listing fee for your event, ad or post, please contact us at or message us on Instagram  @my_fabulous_miami_florida

Thank you for considering advertising or listing your event with My Fabulous Florida. 

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