Swim Week Miami 2016 --My Christmas in July!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Christine Michaels poolside

Yes my favorite time of year--Christmas!! In July!

In my line of work, the last week of December is crazy busy in tourism. So as tourism slows down in the thick of summer, this is my downtime to relax and enjoy the weather, the culture and the bikinis. Yes I love bikinis.  As a child I always wanted to be a mermaid so in a way, this is my way of combining fantasy with reality.  A native Floridian I grew up on the beach and spent most time in pools.  But as an adult it's less about swimming, holding your breath under water and aqua ballet. It's about the bathing suit and accessories for this fashionista.

This year I attended three shows, all outdoors.  The top shows are invite only and fortunately between my local connections and as a local blogger, entry was less challenging.  Hence I was able to enjoy, take teems of photos and share the experience with you.

The swimwear line unveiled is for the following swim season which begins in December for those who travel to warmer climates like the Caribbean or south of the equator. Although as attendees we are offered discounts and can purchase the new swimsuits at some events. 

Below are links to the three shows.  Enjoy!

Part 1- Wildfox show at the Delano Hotel

Part 2- Pool Party and Fashion show at the Shelborne Hotel

Part 3- Mara Hoffman at the Versace Mansion

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