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Monday, July 18, 2011

Yes Miami is a vain city. At least we're honest. With glitz and glamouring dripping from the news, Internet, local restaurants and nightclubs, admittedly some of us, or perhaps most of us, get a kick and smile with delight and intrigue when we hear or see a celebrity.

Just standing in the same vicinity orb of these beautiful people, especially models, is a hobby for some Miami residents, usually those who follow reality TV and fashion magazines.  Honestly I'm not one of them but don't mind crossing paths with them by accident at an event or restaurant.

Well now it's no longer a game of luck and chance for those who emulate models and follow their whereabouts. What name shall we give these trackers? Model-istas?

Introducing Where Models Party, an aptly named website that tells you exactly where all the models in the city are at any given moment, online now. This is your source of constant stream of intelligence that discloses specific places to find these leggy, high cheek-bone divas.

In visiting the site, I have to admit I do not recognize the first few names. And just looking at their photo, I have to wonder if some are not porn models.  No discrimination here!

It seems the most popular restaurant destination is still PRIME as in Prime 112 steak house in South Beach. Excellent choice.

So if you're a local or visiting, here is your new GPS to the beautiful people in Miami.

Here's to beauty inside and OUT!

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  1. This sounds really cool! How about doing the same thing for other celebs too?


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