Free Taxi Ride in South Beach

Monday, June 21, 2010

Whether you're a local or tourist, we have all wished for transportation to zip us around South Beach, and we're not talking about scooters, not in 4 -inch  heels and South Beach bitty dresses.

Perhaps you parked at the south end of Collins Avenue and ended several dazed-by-the-heat blocks away. Or maybe you were visiting South Beach without renting a car and bravely thought your feet would bounce after the pedicure foot massage. No such luck.

Aaah but your luck is about to change. Introducing Swoop Miami, a new concept for providing a covered -but- open- air, zippy electric car to transport you from bar to restaurant to museum to the beach. Yes that means it's environmental friendly!

So what's the catch? No catch. Costs are paid with advertising but please have the courtesy to tip the driver. He just saved you from a $75 foot massage and a new pair of Jimmy Choo shoes.

Well when news spread,  I hope they have a fleet of the swoop cars because in this heat and threat of rain, Swoop will be in demand.

Give it a try and visit this posting and post your comments below!

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  1. I used this on my 21st birthday, super fast, fun and safe with cool drivers! Loved it, I hope it stays free and tipping stays optional :) I would love to be a swoop driver!!


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