Give DAD the Gift of Flying an Airplane!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

This summer, I had the unique opportunity to fly a small airplane for the very first time. offers flight instruction and aerial tours for any person and just about any age from 16 years old to 80+ years young. Really!

The experience is like no other and surreal. You are flying like a bird in control of your flight and destination. The sense of freedom and learning a new skill set is what makes this investment worth every penny. Besides, you never forget a first experience.

This Father's Day, I highly recommend as a gift for Dad if he loves adventure (and is not afraid of heights). Believe me, he will remember this experience forever and love you for it. Forget the fancy watch or cologne or other material item your scratching your head about getting.

Even more, I recommend this for other women to get out of their comfort zone and try something new and exhilirating. sells gift certificates that you can use at a later date. Therefore, order your GIFT CERTIFICATE NOW before the price goes up in January for the high season! The value is great--$130 for up to three people for one hour. That's less expensive than a dinner at a nice restaurant. Visit

Below are two videos I took during my flight instruction. Check them out!
Happy Landings!



To see more pictures, CLICK HERE for my photo journal.

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