Miami International Film Festival

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

If Miami's rollercoaster weather has beset you with multiplex blues after being shunned indoors for the winter record dips, fear no more! The 27th Annual Miami International Film Festival is around the corner. March 5- 14, 2010.

If you have never experienced the festival, get ready for global culture and stories delivered to your backyard!

Forget the Hollywood style movies. These films are a "slice of life"--neorealist, contemporary, radical and thought provoking. Eschew the typical bells and whistles of fluid editing or must- have music and speaking parts. Films may feature stretches of hypnotic silence to laser in on the character's action, inner thoughts and struggles. Endings are not always happily-ever-after but rather anything goes--tragic endings or absurd twists. Expect the unexpected.

The festival presents over 115- feature-length films from 45 countries, including five world premieres and 22 North American premieres.

Prices for tickets are $12.00 (less for senior citizens and students) and films are shown at different venues. Which one to choose? Well it depends on your degree of exposure to foreign films and your comfort level for edgy, radical films.

If this is your first time, a safe start is a light comedy featuring local favorite Andy Garcia in City Island about a dysfunctional Italian American family.

A safe documentary to consider is Nobody Knows about Persian Cats, an Iranian entry where the director takes you through the underground music scene in Tehran, where all Western-style music is prohibited. Based on real people, places and events.

Click here for an abbreviated summary of each film presented by the festival.

For a more comprehensive snapshot with comments on editing, cinematography, director's credits and awards, CLICK HERE for Miami New Time's summary of each film.

These exclusive treasures, like an exhibit on tour, do not reach mainstream big screens. Enjoy them now.

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