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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A wooden, foldable, flexible butler! Yes that is the piece of art I purchased from a local arts festival as a gift to my sister for her new home to help her entertain guests.

Jeeves, as I Christened him, extends his arms with slight bend in elbow to hold a serving tray with neat rows of hors d'ouevres. Jeeves is uncannily flexible. He can bend backwards and his belly becomes a tabletop. What butler isn't multitasking or multifunctional?

Jeeves is only one type of art at a host of arts festivals that dot the Florida map in wintertime. In the past I've purchased the traditional prints or posters and invested thrice the sum for matting and framing. The end result is a personal piece that is eyecatching and one that I never tire and continue to admire.

The artists that display their work come from all across the U.S. and it's no easy task. Most drive across the country and the fees to present are a significant investment from $400 (at the Las Olas Art Festival) to $800 (at the Coconut Grove Arts Festival).

Whether you want to enjoy a typical Florida winter day and spectate or start planning to purchase a piece in near future, there's something for everyone. Besides who doesn't enjoy acquiring one-of-a-kind artwork and saying " I discovered this at an arts festival". (Keep in mind some art festival charge admission. Coconut Grove started as free, then started charging $5 and jumped to $10 this past year). As a small-time entrepreneur, I can relate to these artists. I always try to make some type of purchase to support their dream and efforts. It's a win-win.

Treat yourself and purchase a piece of art as a gift for a friend, family member, or charity. Another idea is to buy a piece and donate to your charity of choice that may use your gift to adorn their organization or use to auction for fundraising efforts. Eitherway it's a blessing for them.

See the list below of arts festival throughout Florida in the next two months or visit

March 6,7
22nd Annual Las Olas Art Fair, Fort Lauderdale
13th Annual Downtown Delray Beach Craft Festival, Delray Beach
9th Annual Downtown Venice Art Classic, Venice

March 13, 14
22nd Annual Art Fest by the Sea, Jupiter

March 20,21
46th Annual Key Biscayne Art Festival
6th Annual Coral Springs Festival of the Arts

March 27, 28
8th Annual Downtown Sarasota Art & Craft Festival

April 3,4
42nd Annual Mandarin Art Festival, Jacksonville

April 10,11
21st Anniversary Hyde Park Village Art Fair, Tampa

April 17, 18
4th Annual Seaside Craft Fair, Hollywood Beach

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