Christine at Art Basel 2009

Saturday, December 05, 2009

For the art novice or the uninducted-to-Miami -Society, Art Basel can be overwhelming especially as you read the scores of newspaper and online stories leading up to the event and the daily coverage. Celebrity-studded events at South Beach hotels, high-tootin' gallery names and corresponding high-flutin' names of their owners. Do not fret with worry. Even the average person can elate in this event, even if you struggle with remembering the difference between Monet and Manet.

Famous quote from movie Ocean's Eleven:

Danny: And I always confuse Monet and Manet. Now which one married his mistress?

Tess:    Monet.

Danny:  Right, and then Manet had syphilis.

Tess:   They also painted occasionally.

In layman's terms, Art Basel showcases a range of art from the best galleries in the world. It's more than paintings. Works of art encompass all forms from sculptures to ecletic creations. The main event at occurs at the Miami Beach Convention Center. But the real fun takes place in the Design District and Wynwood district.
If you can afford a piece of art, by all means indulge. It is an investment. If not, choose one or two events or venues and take your time strolling, absorbing, and engaging in a discussion with a friend.

I was fortunate to share this day with a friend, Daniel who also received two passes to Pulse. Before we knew it, three hours flew by. You know the saying about time flying. We were enlighted but also entertained.

After strolling through a maze of white walls, (imagine the labrynth garden in the movie Shining with white walls), two pieces captured my attention. The first was a collage of cut out US $1 bills. (Forgive my amateur photographs). Below is the image of the statue of liberty with every detail exacted from a dollar bill. Is that legal? Actually no, but apparently no one is arresting the artist for this masterpiece. Upon a nose-to-acrylic closeup examination, you wonder how many pieces were cut out to create this mammoth collage? The answer...

81,895 pieces were cut from 1121 dollar bills!!!

Liberty by Mark Wagner

Below, both Daniel and I were enthralled with this replica of a corner store. The entire store, and all the contents including canned food, long distance calling cards were handmade. EVERY DETAIL!

The Austin, Texas -based artist collective, OKAY MOUNTAIN, presents Corner Store, a fully immersive micro-convenience store that serves as a tongue-in-cheek critique of the art fair environment. It also drew the largest crowds and sold "store items".

Based on the quirky independently-owned convenience marts found throughout Texas and the greater southwest region, the store offers fairgoers a variety of homemade products at "convenient" prices, thereby providing a memorable rest stop on the hours-long journey of the art fair trail. It was memorable and also our favorite!

Okay Mountain

Corner Store, 2009

Installation commissioned by Arthouse

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