A Review of Zucchero Restaurant, Miami

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Finally I had a chance to sample a new Italian restaurant that I drove by many times since they opened last November--Zucchero Ristorante e Bistro. The orange square umbrellas in portico with table and chairs masked the interior. Which was it? Uber Italian restaurant that is a well kept secret or second class, read-the-menu-from-the-wall type restaurant? Then finally I did it. Dinner for two on a Wednesday evening.

Bar at entrance

The bar consumed most of the foyer entrance and greeted the customer like a long-legged shapely model with a slender bar and adorned with simple elegance. The dining room was cozy in size but not lacking in elbow room. The decor in the main dining room continued to impress me.

Main Dining Room

Dining Booth

In studying the menu, my jumpstart heart beats started to dissipate. This was your run-of-the-mill Italian menu. No signature dishes or culinary combinations that called my attention. After being seated, I learned of an array of specials. Each one more tantalizing than the previous. Relief set in.

Then the waiter served us complimentary appetizers, a chicken pate of sorts. Not sure but I devoured it.

For the main entree, I chose the sea-salt crusted fish stuffed with crab meat accompanied by side of pasta and my business acquaintance chose the Kobe Lasagna. My meal was light but filling--just perfect. Then the manager stopped by to ask how was everything and we offered high praise.

Kobe Lasagna
The waiter recommended the guava souffle with vanilla ice cream for dessert. Outstanding. Then a third person stopped by our table to ensure we enjoyed the recommendation. As we took our time sharing the dessert, complimentary after-dinner drinks were placed on the table. Delighted I turned and the waiter immediately read my mind and said, " It's a sweet after dinner wine". These unexpected surprises have set a standard and expectation for future visits. Will this be a repeat performance or just a first-time "welcome to our restaurant", since I did mention it was our first time? We'll soon see.

The location is ideal and you don't have to pay exorbitant downtown parking garage fees or wish for that mini cooper to park in a spot the width of my waist. Valet is only $3.00.

This is a well-kept secret! And the first time I designate this top honor to any restaurant! Perhaps this restaurant owner and manager know the secret to running the best restaurant--it's the personal attention effect. The visit from the owner and manager and head waiter made us feel like celebrities without being overbearing. Or maybe they recognized me from my blog? I doubt it. I hope this experience will continue for all my future patronage visits. I'll keep you posted!

Have you dined at Zucchero Ristorante? If so, what was your experience? Share your comments by clicking on Comment below or send me an email to: christine.michaels@yahoo.com

UPDATE on July 14: I just went there for lunch and the service was not the caliber I expected. With a thinning crowd, the "personal attention" was missing. The honeymoon is over, rather quickly. For my complete review, click here!

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  1. Thanks for uncovering this well-kept secret. We will definitely visit. from Chicago


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