Celebrating Hispanic Heritage in Miami

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Woman cigar
Female guest learning cigar etiquette in smoking & rum tasting

In our ever growing interconnected world,  we embrace and celebrate Hispanic multiculturalism this month from September 15 to October 15. However, anytime is a great time to visit Miami, if you are from out of town, and immerse in this mosaic culture.  Even Hispanic residents often discover a fascinating bit of history or recollect fond memories from childhood.  Here are three unique activities to partake in and enjoy.

To really learn about the first major wave of Hispanic immigrants (Cubans) that started to transform Miami in the 1960's, I recommend the original Little Havana Cultural Walking Tour by Little Havana Tours. They are the first boutique tour operator to offer daily cultural tours fourteen years ago, long before tourism exploded in 2018. Tour guides live in the neighborhood and are deeply entrenched or connected with the local people and establishments. The tour logically starts with history, and kicks off with a freshly pressed tropical fruit drink for a warm Miami day. These small groups continue down Cuban Memorial Way for more history and details about changes in the neighborhood.  Then guests continue the famed "Calle 8" or eighth street, for other cultural highlights such as apparel, foods, cigars, music and dance.

The walking tour lasts about 2 hours and 15 minutes is very reasonably priced. For more food, they offer two other tours including sit down hot meal, which other tours do not offer. This is definitely not your cookie cutter tour. Guides are highly trained with in-depth knowledge of all aspects, including political history, religions like Santeria, and it's a woman who knows the most about cigars and rum. More on that below. 

Learn the symbolism of the roosters, real ones and six foot ones

Today Little Havana is more than Cuban immigrants. Many residents hail from central America especially Nicaragua and Honduras.  It is truly a mosaic in motion. A kaleidoscope.  To escape the tourist beaten path, they offer a Rooster tour which takes you to areas only locals frequent. On this tour, guests will savor central American foods. We don't want to spoil the surprise by sharing all the details. 

Hispanic heritage
Family enjoying Mexican elotes on the Rooster Tour

Now if  are limited on time or have tight schedule and just want to eat great food, we have some hidden gems to spotlight.

First is Yambo, a Nicaraguan restaurant in Little Havana. It's such a local secret, they have no Google page or website, but they do have a Facebook page for fans.  Just the outside is an Instagram worth photo opp. It looks like part carnival, part farm with giant roosters and hose statues as pictured above. 

The second one is El Porton de la Flaca in Doral for great Colombian food. 

Bar at El Portón de la Flaca (Colombian food)

For a spectacular ending, from September 26- Oct 2 is the Billboard Latin Music Week, an industry gathering to hold workshops, conversations with experts/producers/artists on creating and promoting music. 

Each night is a concert En Vivo with artists like Bizzarap, Romeo Santos, Nicky Jam and so many more. General Admission tickets are still on sale for $645.

History, Food, Music and 

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