Marbella Spain- Paseo Maritimo (Beach Boardwalk)

Saturday, September 10, 2016


(Continuation from "Miami to Marbella")

The beach boardwalk, or in this case a paved walkway called Paseo Marítimo (meaning "maritime walkway" in Spanish) stretches along the beach from the fishing port of the east to a modern building with a cinema and supermarket on the west.

In the morning at 10am, while most of the city is still sleeping, I went for a jog.  Only a handful of older tourists walked around the crisp morning. It was so quiet and peaceful for a late morning run.

Real Club Maritimo Marbella
Christine stops to visit Statue of Virgin of Carmen of Marbella, a Catholic tradition
Breakfast at American Pub

Best egg white omelette I've ever had--but don't tell my cook!

Beach in Marbella , Spain

Parallel to the walkway is the beach with hut-like umbrellas and beach chairs for rent approximately $10 a chair with umbrella.

Christine along Paseo Marítimo in Marbella, SPAIN

Along the walk are eye-catching features of both historical nature and physical activity. The Sports Club, an 1864 lighthouse, the main office of tourism and an exercise playground for adults can be found along this stretch of beach. This is in addition of course to the cafés and shops.

Sandcastles created by local Russian artist.  The creations have to be watered every hour to keep it from
drying and cracking from the sun.He works entirely for tips.

Originally situated on the pier overlooking the sea, this fountain commissioned to Francisco Lopez Burgos,
was later moved to its current location by former mayor Jesus Gil.
Statue of female water skier on fountain

water fountain Marbella Spain Paseo maritimo
Absorbing the moment and surroundings, 
I can't believe Americans have not discovered Marbella.

Love to shoe shop!

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