Floatopia Miami 2015

Monday, April 20, 2015

This float can easily fit 10 people.

Floatopia is an epic beach party consisting of innertubes and drinking. It's a giant inflatable beach party.  This past Saturday, April 18, in its third year, at South Pointe / Nikki Beach, Floatopia was bigger than ever.

Floatopia Miami 2015

Beachgoers bring individual floats or one large float that can hold 10-15 people.  Most of them can be purchased at Walmart or KMart.  The idea is that floats are tied together with a rope so you drift in unison on the ocean all while drinking, sunbathing, talking/laughing, paddling, to utopia. It's cheaper and easier than taking out a boat!

Most attendees were in their 20s but for older age groups, it's a great way to bring out the inner child without being laughed at! So enjoy that rubber duck float!

Ellie, Pedro, Christine (me)
Arriving early at Floatopia

You're never too old to use a float

The fun begins with eyeing the kaleidoscope of shapes, sizes, and themes of the floats. From donuts, to pizza slices, to alligators, Shamu, purple dragons, to life size sofas--every year there's something different to exclaim-- "Oh that's cool".  So be sure to order yours from Amazon early for large groups. Price is about $300 for larger ones so you'll need to collect $10-$20 each person so you're not in the deep end!

Talk about a party float!

Once out on the water, it's bumper-cars-a-la-beach-floats.  Hence the ropes are needed to stay together.  If drinking brings people closer, wearing next to nothing (bathing suits), while floating on the ocean alongside others is sure to elevate your experience to UTOPIA and make instant friends!

Love this Swan float and making new friends
Floating and Drinking --now that is relaxation!

Synchronized Floating

This float needs cup holders!

My favorite--the rubber duckie!

Giant Rubber duckie. Love it more!
Miami's Angels

Our Group

Here are five helpful tips in preparing for a great Floatopia event. 

1.Bring WATERPROOF CAMERA.  It's fun and memorable that most people want to take photos but dare not bring their phone camera or real cameras out to sea.

2. DROP OFF GEAR with friends at Nikki Beach and then go park. Not fun to lug around 100 pounds of gear and drinks (cooler, food, drinks, tent supplies, etc.)

3. Be prepared to PARK FAR and WALK FAR.  The event begins at 10am. If you arrive after 11am, the only parking is north of 5th street. The event is near Nikki Beach at 1st street.  Parking is full at 10am for early goers who set up. Best to park at Shops at Fifth and Alton Road and walk the 10 blocks.

4. Transfer all beer and liquor into plastic bottles or containers. NO GLASS bottles or Aluminum cans are permitted. Police and Code Enforcement will see it, confiscate and fine you!  It's to prevent broken glass and sharp metal from cutting beachgoers and causing serious injury.

5. BRING UMBRELLA & WATER. It gets hot. Bring shade and water plus food to absorb the party juice!

Join the fun! See you next year!

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