Ted Baker Opens Store on Lincoln Road, South Beach

Saturday, January 17, 2015

When British buttoned-up and dandy tailored clothing meets flirtatious, colorful Miami, it can only mean one thing. Ted Baker of London is opening up a store on Lincoln Road in South Beach.

It started with a clever marketing campaign incorporating subtle humor and teasing shoppers to find Ted as he globetrotted from continent to continent with new store openings. The first hint below: a British style telephone booth with bright sign and palm trees in the background.

As a marketing aficionado, I played along and thus embarked on my search for Ted Baker, armed with fashionable peacock colored bejeweled shoes.

Admittedly I always knew the exact location of the store, but as  I previewed the launch on my Instagram page, @miamichristine, it made for great storytelling and building up to the climatic pre grand opening festivities. #TedLovesMiami

Ted Baker London designs every store with its location in mind, and the South Beach outpost is no exception. The Lincoln Road shop, the second to open in Miami after the Aventura store, is quintessentially Miami Beach, with an ever-so-slight nod to the brand's English roots. Art deco prints adorn the walls in the dressing rooms, racks perforated with golden palm trees and umbrellas housed the clothes and a splashing of loud colors and flirty prints completed the look. Crystal chandeliers meant to resemble 'London rain' was the only hint of a British influence. The fashion house seems to understand what Miamians really want to wear.

Ted Baker Store Lincoln Road, South Beach

Chandelier rain drops

As the sun started to set on January 15, the festivities began.

Last night was the Pre Grand Opening of the London based clothing brand at the increasingly lux 1111 Lincoln Road address. For select VIP  Miami fashion bloggers and glitterati, Ted Baker hosted a grand entrance with old world elegance and whimsical Miami splash.

With a catchy alliteration Ted invited you to enjoy a Tipple or Two. (for those who do not speak British English, "Tipple" means "cocktail" in American English ).

Dapper young men prepared and served classic Florida cocktails, the Rum Runners and Piña Colada with pink umbrellas or the traditional champagne in glass flutes.

Ill take one of each. Yes the tall one!

Invited by the local PR company, I also invited two friends, Zenya and Ben.

Christine and Zenya enjoying Piña Coladas
Zenya and Ben encourage me to try this dress I was admiring
After two tipples, my defenses were weakened. ( That's Tipples with a "t".) The store attendants harried to take hold of the dress and check for an available dressing room. Designated the largest room I was taken aback by the exuberant, colorful dressing rooms in Art Deco pastel. (An Art Deco-phile I wanted to linger in the dressing room. ) Ted Baker is all about craftsmanship and attention to detail in everything it touches. And like Cinderella worried that the small glass slipper would not fit, the slender fitting dress was a body glove.  Thanks to Zenya for picking the right size for me.


For shopping and attending the event, we were given a stylish chartreuse green gift bag with some Ted Baker accessories. A ladies scarf, and a handsome leather bound journal. A classy event from beginning to end.  Thanks Ted!

For more photos and to learn the secret to Ted Baker success, click here!

Ted Baker Stores in Miami
Aventura Mall (North Miami Beach)
Lincoln Road (in South Beach)


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