Halloween photos on Lincoln Road and Playboy Party in South Beach 2014

Sunday, November 02, 2014

One of the few families on Lincoln Road
Father and daughter riding green dinosaurs

As mentioned in previous posts, Miami loves to celebrate Halloween. It's not just for children but adults get to dress out of character, and simply have fun. 

Me as Burlesque Victoria and my cousin Alexandra as 80's rocker

The most popular destination to parade in your costume or spectate the hundreds of revelers, is on Lincoln Road in South Beach.  This was my first year attending. Surprisingly, most costumes were in good taste (the famous Vizcaya Halloween party is very risqué).  The more elaborate the costume, then you were a guaranteed hit and would have to stay in one place while passerbys asked to take your photo. See photos below.

However, keep in mind that Lincoln Road is PACKED with people. So if you do not like crowds (sardine-style) then be sure to stay off this pedestrian promenade or grab a table at a restaurant early (before 8pm) to watch the action go by without getting stampeded.

To make the most of the evening I also attended the Playboy Halloween party at the SLS hotel. This was even better.  The event was outdoors at the Hyde Beach backyard with plenty of elbow room at each bar and space to walk and dance!  DJ played great variety music.  Tickets started at $30 just to get in and sold out the day before.

Since I knew that all the beautiful people would attend the Playboy party and "sexy" was no doubt the theme, I chose a "Victoria's Secret goes Burlesque" costume.  Unfortunately, my "helper" (aka mom) decided to rearrange my closet while I was on a recent trip that my costume accessories were nowhere to be found. Hence my costume was lacking. While I looked out of place on Lincoln Road, no worries, at Playboy I still fit in.  See photos below.

Now--time to order my costume for next year!  Enjoy!



(that's me in the center wearing black wig)

PLAYBOY Halloween event at SLS Hotel in South Beach
The women went sexy to Playboy party, the men wore anything
Hotel guests visiting from Chicago, NYC and Atlanta

Christine, Edith (borrowing hat), and Alexandra


Most creative in my opinion--Breathalyzer
(notice the white tube of where to blow)
Holding a (fake) tarantula and petting a skull

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