Review of the Tides, Weekend Brunch

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

One of my favorite places to stop for a drink on Ocean Drive, with its limestone stair steps to elevate the hotel head- and -shoulders above the rest, is the Tides Hotel.

With its new yellow and white stripe decor and matching yellow umbrellas, it beckons a high-end clientele.

Recently the Tides launched their new Weekend Brunch. So how did it fare?

Brunch to me meant "buffet" for many years. Times have changed and charging the same price and offering "French -sized portions" is the trend at upscale restaurants.

The Weekend Brunch selection is limited to six offerings but offered both traditional items like eggs benedict and steak and eggs along with new creations.

Unfortunately the Soft Shell Crab Eggs Benedict was not available which sounded like a perfect combination of seafood with traditional eggs for brunch. While my companion ordered the Cucumber & Tomato Salad with Seared Tuna instead, the manager mentioned they could have substituted the crab with another food item.  But shrimp grits did not sound as appealing. The manager, Gregory, also advised the soft crab is hard to get regularly. Suggestion: Print a second menu for when this menu item is not in stock.  If the way to some hearts is "through the stomach", never deflate the spirit of a hungry or excited paying customer.

I chose the Chicken Biscuit Sliders.  A fan of both fried chicken and homestyle biscuits, my healthy eating and exercise fairies whispered that I was allowed this indulgence. It was part of my "moderation" lifestyle.
While tasty, the biscuits were not as buttery or flaky as I expected.  Southern comfort food is a big trend now. The chef I learned is from the deep south and so my expectations were high. Perhaps my inexperienced southern cuisine tastebuds prevented me from a mouthwatering experience. However the fried chicken with watermelon ginger slaw met my expectations--subtle and flavorful and not overpowering. Sadly I was only served two sliders and rereading the menu later noticed I should have been served three.

What sounded divine and more like dessert was the Sweet Potato Waffles with roasted pecans and peach and caramel ice cream.  Will definitely have to try this upon my next visit.

The price is $19.95 per person, for one dish only. $29.95 includes bottomless Bloody Mary's (tax and gratuity not incuded).  I would suggest to add a cup of coffee or glass of orange juice for that price.

Value - 2.5 stars (3.0 if  served three sliders)
Taste- 3 stars
Creativity- 3 stars based on our orders

Tides Hotel
1220 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL 331130

Reservations not required.

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