Mother's Day at Pinecrest Gardens

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A promotional postcard landed in my mailbox promoting a Mother's Day brunch at Pinecrest Gardens. And it answered my prayers of where to take mom-- a perennial greenthumb!

I had never heard of Pinecrest Gardens and a quick online search taught me that this was the former home of the popular Parrot Jungle which now resides on Watson Island.

My mother is a lover of flowers and foliage and a Mother's Day brunch surrounded by tropical plants was the perfect setting and it met our expectations.

Upon arriving, were were presented with potted plants of mint herb leaves. What a great introduction! As we walked torwards our table, the view left us speechless. A backdrop of lush green sprawling lawn, a large pond shared by dapper ducks, gangling geese, and svelte neckline-swans surrounded by tropical plants and blooming, colorful flowers. We found a piece of paradise in the suburbs of Pinecrest!

Underneath a canopy of twined tree bark, each table was set for the exact number of people in each reservation's party. With humidity clamoring to cling to our bodies, the organizers cleverly set portable air-condition units every few feet. My mother welcomed the cool breeze conveniently stationed next to our table. The record heat to date was not going to put a damper on our perfect day. To ensure our comfortable arrival, chilled mimosas were served immediately.

Moms & Mimosas was the inaugural Mother's Day brunch at the Pinecrest Gardens and everything was just right. From the setting, the food and the service, we could not ask for more.

The catering company was Delicious Catering Services Inc. and the food selection offered traditional brunch favorites like omelette station, carved turkey and roast beef, to caesar salad, a tomato and spinach salad with candied walnuts, bagels, fruit assortment, pasta with sauce selections and a light cream cheese dessert with blueberries. Everything was indeed delicious! We went for seconds. Chilled white wine was also available upon request and there was no limit on the alcoholic beverages.

The price was just right at $55/person. We hope they continue this tradition and not raise the price!

If you decide to visit the gardens from the north, we highly recommend the scenic route through tree-line roads and breathtaking homes and estates of Coral Gables and then Pinecrest. Starting at Coconut Grove take Main Highway South to (left) 37th Avenue to (right) on Ingraham, a quick left on 42nd Avenue around the Cartagena Circle to Old Cutler Road. CLICK HERE for the Google Map.
We enjoyed this day in the fresh outdoors surrounded by Mother nature's warm spirits and the prodigy of her power--luscious landscaping and tropical surrounding.

It was a perfect Mother's Day.

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