Christine's Memorable Night at Vizcaya Halloween Bash

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sexy Black witch and Sexy White Angel

Can you imagine a Halloween costume party without Ghosts and goblins? Why? Well that means covering up the flesh and this party is about less. It's Miami, the weather is hot and this is the hottest Halloween party in all of South Florida. But there were plenty of wily witches and daring devils and things that go bump in the night! And it was all fun and laughs for a good cause--preserving a 100-year old treasure!

I survived the Vizcaya Halloween Bash and the bombardment of spooktacular cleavage and brewing butt cheeks and bulging packs. Here they were in top form. Did I fit in? Well take a look at the pictures and you tell me!

This historic, 100-year old mansion was ideal for a haunted mansion party. Like any other stately affair at Vizcaya, attention to detail was paramount. A Halloween party was no different. Starting from the moment you set foot on the grounds, blue smoke filled the winding path leading to the entrance. It provided an ethereal glow and backdrop for my costume--an angel.

Once you crossed over, and the air cleared, the Vizcaya greeted intrepid souls and fun-seeking spirits with a premium drink and a magnificent impression of spiderwebs reflected on the mansion walls and featuring sponsors such as Patron, and Stella Artois.

And now for the colorful characters. Anything goes at this popular event and prizes are awarded to best overall and sexiest costumes.

American Gladiators

LooK! This unabashed party intruder is all covered up! Quick --call security!

Nicole and Aurora in 1930's period clothing.

Aurora actually made her costume. Isn't it fabulous? These ladies are part of the troupe Shameless Burlesque--a mix of clever innocence and old-fashioned, clean naughtiness.

They have performed at various events including a recent event for breast cancer. There's nothing like good, clean fun!

So as I continued to amble and mingle, my angel radar detected possible illegal activity.

"Censored" costume

This guy is wearing nothing but a brown cardboard covering his loin and buttocks and tied with burly string. On his chest is written "Censored". This required an upfront and close investigation. The censored parts were well protected so he's safe and so was I.

Behold this creature of the comic book walked in.

The only article of clothing were the red underpants and shoes. The rest of his body was painstakingly and evenly painted! I thought he deserved a prize in the overall costume contest but unfortunately this superhero left home with his superhero powers and muscles.

I See Dead People

As I turned I nearly knocked over these dead people. Such detail! I cheered them on in the contest and thought they deserved a prize for overall costume. But no cigars for the dead.

So who won the overall contest? Well I was surpised I had not seen anyone in the hot topic of the year, post Sarah Palin. And if they are not living, then obviously it was someone posthumously famous--none other than the legendary Michael Jackson. But what could one do to elaborate MJ's uniform jacket with epaulets, silver glove and black high water pants with white socks? This guy was clever and was the clear winner!

Michael Jackson hooked up to IV holding "instruction manual" for Diprivan (drug used in hospitals during surgeries to maintain anesthesia)

Now for the sexiest costume. My absolute favorite was the modern Marie Antoinette. Look at the detail and design! Instead of a full length petticoat skirt, she chose an open, wired-skeletal skirt! The thigh high stockings and push-up corsette were plenty sexy. It was creative, detailed, eye-catching and sexy! Unfortunately she came in second place.

Modern Marie Antoinette

So who won sexiest costume? Well take a look...but beware!

Angel & Borak--what a combination!

It's Borak! Wearing a ___? What is he wearing? I'm not so sure about this. But he wore it in confidence and EVERYONE took pictures. Quite the celebrity of the night.

"This is quite naughty, you know", said the Angel.

Do my eyes deceive me or am I in heaven with these handsome gladiators?

You see when you work for Him, you have unlimited access to inspect and gather critical information.

Is that a beam of heavenly light shining upon my halo?

It is! I love my Job! Life is grand!
See you next year!

Happy Halloween!

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