My Home State--the Sunshine State

Monday, August 24, 2009

Welcome to My Fabulous Florida, my home state which offers locals and tourists more than a panhandle size of natural and cultural activities. The Sunshine State boasts a breadth of small-town charm, natural explorations, tantalizing and titillating cosmopolitan energy, colorful history, and so much more.

There is so much to discover around Florida. In reading the newspapers, visiting various online related sites and listening to the news on "special" rates or activities, I decided to collect all this fabulous information and share it in the most accessible way. Hence I launched this website as a clear, simple and organized guide in uncovering, the best hole-in-the-wall restaurant with great food and matching value, or that well-kept secret town with mystical charm, or natural site with wildlife or aquatic species of the animal or plant kind and the glitz and glamour of my current home city, MIAMI!

As you will notice on the LEFT hand column are THREE main sections:

1. Events Around Florida --in time this section will grow as I start to travel more
2. Link to each Florida County--to help you plan your vacation
3. Restaurant Reviews--naturally most of these reviews are for Miami, my backyard

My Fabulous Florida will share first person visits, newspaper articles, and your comments on any activity, event, attraction, hotel, and restaurant related to Florida. The website is designed to be simple and easy to follow, with minimal advertisements compared to most tourist websites which wallpaper their website with more advertisements than content. My Fabulous Florida is geared toward solid content to help you plan, discover and enjoy this fountain of youth.

About me, your blogger
Born and raised in Titusville, FL (across the Indian River from the Kennnedy Space Center), I grew up wanting to be a Jeannie, from I Dream of Jeannie, perhaps overly influenced by the imagination giant down the road--Walt Disney.

Most visitors and even some Floridians (especially those in frenetic Miami), have never heard of Titusville. Often I refer to Cocoa Beach or the Kennedy Space Center for placement on the map.

Growing up I visited Disney World yearly, when it was the ONLY attraction in Orlando aside from Sea World, but my family also ventured to unique attractions like Cypress Gardens, Weekee Watchee (I also wanted to be a mermaid) or bravely went swimming in freezing temperatures of spring waters. I even remember St. Augustine before the tourist traps were developed. As an adult, the city retains its historical charm and has collaborated with businesses, artists, philanthropists to offer a stream of activities for all ages and little to no cost. Now this is the ideal city.

Yes I love my homestate of Florida. There is so much to discover, absorb, relish, and remember. This year 2009, in a less than glowing economy, most likely I will not take any vacations abroad or even out of state. Rather I yearn for absorbing more rays of the Sunshine State from various cities, small town, and islands. Staycation is my mantra this year. Miami, my home is simply marvelous so naturally a lot of focus will spotlight my backyard.

I welcome your stories and experiences. Just email me at


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    1. This site is amazing. I am so thankful to Christine for putting this together. It is so helpful in planning my trip.

    2. I noticed that you have a few establishments listed under your Miami Clubs section. Would you be able to put some reviews for some of the clubs listed?


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