A Review of Jerry's Famous Deli

Sunday, March 08, 2009

The building that houses Jerry's Famous Deli in South Beach is a stop on my Art Deco Walking Tour. It is a classic Deco gem lovingly restored by the current owner. Until recently, I did not have the chance to dine at this chain deli which started in California.

During my tour in explaining its colorful ( more like x-rated) and architectural history, I share a commercial note. Jerry's is open 24 hours and offers 700 items. Club-goers claim it's the place to lull the hunger pains or prevent a hangover at 4am, 5am, 6am, just when the nightclubs lower their shades and close their doors like a weary dracula before the sun rises.

During my tours, we step inside the foyer and often I've spied on the mountainous food servings. Quite generous it seems. Hold that thought!

Pastrami Sandwich--that's just the sandwich

So finally, on a recent private tour with a client, we sat down after the Art Deco Walking tour to lunch at Jerry's. The tall, tri-fold laminated menu was crammed with items from breakfast food to lunch and dinner food. We were a bit aghast at the prices. These were Ocean Drive prices. A chicken sandwich with two sides was $17.00. A steak priced at $48.00. If a steak at the most exclusive restaurants (Prime 112 and The Forge) priced the same, then this steak must be the entire cow. My clients shared the chicken sandwich and sides which left room for warm, apple pie with cream and vanilla ice cream.

The chicken sandwich was encumbered by a thick baguette bread and the cajun sauce was smartly served on the side for dipping. Fries and steamed broccoli were the sides of their choice. Opposites attract as my clients (a lovely couple from Philadelphia) each delved into their preferred healthy or artery clogging side dish. They agreed it was delicious.

High marks went to the apple pie as we dove in like devils with pitchforks. Warm apple sauce and chunks oozed out from a golden, flaky crust and we each picked at a corner and swept up silky ice cream.

As I share the story on my walking tour that Miami Beach is one of the points of the famous Bermuda triangle, hence our apple pie vanished from all corners and not a trace of flake, apple or ice cream was evident.

I highly recommend Jerry's for desserts!

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  1. Desert at Jerry's it shall be! Can't wait to try the apple pie.


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