StoryCorps(R) tours FL, CT, OK, NY, GA

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Imagine interviewing a loved one, or someone choosing you to interview for the largest, historical, oral project in the country. Your story is shared locally, then nationally on public radio and saved in the Library of Congress for generations to come. Instead of a paint brush, your story shapes the American portrait and is preserved, with a true voice. Sounds amazing doesn't it?

What's the story? A story of history, hopes, humanity and love. Stories are told by listening and sharing. These can be stories of a daughter asking her mother about growing up in the South, a neighbor sharing the ups and downs of when he started his small business, an immigrant recollecting her journey in adapting to a new country, a couple reminiscing on how they met and stayed married for 30 years.

Over the years, StoryCorps(R) has embarked on this remarkable project headed by Dave Isay. Now, a compilation of these American stories is bound in audio and now a book under a perfect title "Listening is an Act of Love". Dave Isay has taken it a step further as he travels around the U.S. to share select stories from thousands of recordings. Here is one recording by Juliet Jegasothy who heard about gangsters and crooks when coming to America.

"Listening is an Act of Love" reaches Miami for one night only, November 6, at Books & Books in Coral Gables. You don't want to miss it. Even better, the event is free. When you attend, won't you consider returning to this BLOG and sharing your thoughts? So other readers can see and hear through your experience?

If you live outside Miami, no worries. StoryCorps(R) is headed to Tulsa, OK, Westport, CT, Brooklyn, NY, Brentwood, NY, and Atlanta, GA. Click here for the complete schedule with dates and location.

If the tour is not in your vicinity, you can still be a part of this historical movement. Sit down with a friend, neighbor, relative, grandparent. Ask them to share their story, listen and record their story with StoryCorps.

Listening is an Act of Love, the book is a New York Times Bestseller and is available in paperback at most bookstores. With Christmas around the corner, this book is an ideal gift of love.

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