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Small Businesses are the backbone of our economy and contribute equally to the culture of Miami and Miami Beach as do big businesses. Unfortunately, the small business owner may not have the funds in this recession to get their name out there.  That's where word of mouth comes in!

Below are my recommendations of small businesses worth visiting for their unique product or service. Each owner is passionate about their product/service, often work seven days a week, and will give you their undivided attention that you'll walk away feeling like long-lost relatives reunited and discover more about Miami than you expected.

Milani Gelateria on Espanola Way [no website]
This new outfit just opened two months ago by young a entrepreneur, Franceso is 26, from Torrino, Italy. While other gelaterias dot the streets of South Beach, Francesco takes pride in creating homemade Italian gelato everyday. The fruit gelatos use locally grown fruits while other gelatos use special ingredients only found in Italy. If you ask Francesco, he'll gladly show you how the gelato is made with small, but modern industrial machines that fit in his charming little store. It's a refreshing dessert and treat from the Miami summer heat.

Miami []
Here's a great way to see Miami from a bird's eye view --your own private aerial tour! Or if you're feeling really adventurous how about a stunt flying lesson?! Eusebio Valdes is a flight instructor for 20+ years. This is his main business, but a $17,000 investment to get your flight wings is not in most people's recessionary budget. So Eusebio is leveraging his skills and small planes to offer aerial tours or stunt flying to the tourist who wants to absorb Miami from all angles or surge that adrenaline rush.

To make the most of your day, you may want to take an air boat tour to see the alligators in the Everglades or visit the Miccosukee reservation for gambling and more.

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